What are the things that make your device special?

Best Satellite android smartphone we invented a special Android satellite mobile phone that merges a couple of channels and verbal exchange strategies into one system that we name multimode-communication. We maintain a patent, our gadget is authorized using the FCC in the US, we have recognized a remoted market which hasn’t considered an innovation in the closing forty years, we innovate applicable offerings that will solely work on our device. This consists of multi-mode verbal exchange channels, specifically GSM, Digital Mobile Radio, Terrestrial Trunked Radio, Push-To-Talk, 4G/5G, and direction satellite tv for pc internet, calling, and texting. The vary of units additionally comes with a built-in emergency button and we grant sure customization alternatives for the government. We see the boom in imparting applicable SaaS, DaaS, and service services. Those offerings will be pretty special to our supplying and solely on hand in a mixture with the possession of this device.

How our market will increase:

As the internet becomes essential in every field of life due to COVID-19. So, many areas in the world lack an internet connection. So, our company will help him to connect to the world. So, there is a rich marketplace that will help the shareholder economically.

Furthermore, another positive point of our company is that we traded publicly, which makes our company more attractive.

It is frequently asking the question:

It frequently asks a question that how our users will convert from one device to the other and how our company remains stable in the coming era of 5G and similar products are coming in the future, how our company competes with them.

We are structuring our gadgets in particular links in the price chain of our enterprise to continue to be applicable even after giant company names enter the market. Our progress is centered on advertising our phones and providing services to allow our clients’ communications.  We are going to method the current smartphone customers as soon as our cellphone is added into the market. The massive company names cannot do that due to the fact they don’t have our device. There are about 1.5 million smartphone customers in the USA on my own and they use an old-fashioned phone to make phone voice calls or texts over satellite. We count on introducing auxiliary equipment to supply conversation enabling offerings that are essential to our goal markets consisting of multi-mode verbal exchange channels built-in into the device, Software as a Service (SaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), and provider services.


On November 14th, 2020 we attended The National Due Diligence Association (TNDDA) Conference which is for SEC-registered broker/dealers, expert due diligence attorneys and investigators, and a restricted variety of high internet well worth investors. We additionally attended the 14th Annual LD Micro Conference and we had the hazard to tackle these worries for the first time publicly.


The Satellite verbal exchange market is on everybody’s map to some diploma and there will be thrilling innovation in the close to future. We accept as true with that the most famous and hooked up world manufacturers will enter this market and we are excited due to the fact we healthy proper in and it will speed up the improvement of the sector.

How the future satellite technology look:

Man become innovative since the beginning. Technology has been changing day by day. So, changes also made in the space communication system. there are outstanding innovations now to be developed in phrases of space-based satellite communications systems, greater effective processors, new encoding capabilities, and new person terminal abilities that can make person machines extra mobile, extra versatile, greater in my opinion responsive, greater effective in phrases of performance, and but a decrease in cost.

Discussion about the satellite internet:

As Rockets has been launched in the space for space base internet which needs transceivers and receivers to use the internet. We have a smartphone with satellite functionality that has such a receiver constructed into it. We envision a market the place our cellphone is used utilizing humans that want to have to get admission to a couple of modes of verbal exchange from one device, no longer simply satellite internet.

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