AdvanceTC Ltd (“AdvanceTC” or the “Company”) is pleased to inform that we have appointed a professional valuer, Roma Appraisals Limited (the “Valuer”), to conduct a valuation of the Company as of 26th May 2021. The valuation report (“Valuation Report”) dated 16th July 2021 stated the Company’s market value was approximately USD 3.015 Billion as at 26th May 2021. The Company would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all its stakeholders on achieving this milestone.

The summary of the valuation report is Available Here.

About Roma Appraisals Limited Roma Appraisals Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roma Group limited, a Hong Kong listed company. The Valuer provides diversified services, including business and intangible assets valuation, natural resources consultation, financial instruments valuation, property valuation, purchase price valuation, machinery and equipment valuation and work of art valuation services.

The Company will continue to update its progress as of when new information is made available to the Company.